Building Intelligent Bots for your Business

Learn more about the combination of robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and conversational AI – and the benefits it can bring to your business.


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Understand the power of combining Machine Learning, Conversational AI and Robotic Process Automation.


Intelligent bots could well be the digital era’s dream workers, automatically carrying out repetitive tasks while people tackle responsibilities that humans are uniquely good at, like making judgment calls on business strategies or building relationships with customers. In fact, Gartner researchers predict that over 50 percent of all large enterprises will deploy at least one bot or chatbot by 2020.


Join our webcast on Thursday, April 11 (2pm AEST) to learn how SAP is expanding its intelligent enterprise capability by investing in intelligent robotic process automation (IPA) – the combination of robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, and conversational AI into one end-to-end automation stack, tightly integrated within the SAP landscape.  


Adding intelligence to automated business processes behind the scenes is a significant step forward for the back office and the entire company. There’s no question procurement is better served by strategic buyers. Finance can spend more time helping support an intelligent enterprise. Human resources moves away from transactions to become a strategic business partner. For many departments in just about every industry, intelligent bots are a dream come true.







Dr. Nicholas Nicoloudis

Senior Innovation Strategist, SAP


A passionate technologist who has been architecting and developing market leading software applications for the past 18 years.


During his career, he has been a founder of several start-ups, worked with numerous multinational organisations and held roles in development, research and management.  


Nicholas’s focus at SAP is to assist customers innovate using a the latest in technologies through adopting a design led process.