Central Finance - The Non-Disruptive Step to the Future of Finance

Check out this brief video to learn more about how SAP Central Finance can help you benefit from SAP S/4HANA Finance innovations without disrupting any of your existing systems and hear from one of our customers, Enel, on how they updated and streamlined their finance department’s closing process and reporting model.



Central Finance - The Non-Disruptive Step to the Future of Finance
Is your company prepared to keep pace?


Central Finance exploits the capabilities of HANA i.e. real-time, speed and agility to replicate financial documents into the central system, giving a real time organization-wide financial view. In short, Central Finance allows you to create a common reporting structure for an organization.
Please join this webinar to see how multi-ERP enterprises can use Central Finance to establish - cross-system and enterprise-wide – reporting and transaction processing capabilities.


Find out more from the experts from EY and SAP on :

  1. How key S/4 Finance Innovations can be brought into your organization and how the Universal Journal can help you with a smooth transition.
  2. Levering Central Finance as a stepping stone to kick-start your S/4 journey and how Finance can start leveraging Central Finance’s benefits in a matter of months (i.e. not years). 
  3. Gaining insight on how to add functionality and process over time in a more agile, iterative roll-out within your organization.

Sarah Wirk

Solution Director, SAP Finance and Risk Centre of Excellence,

Carsten Hilker

Global Solution Owner, S/4 HANA

Sai Majeti

Senior Manager, Asia Pacific, Advisory Centre,