A Refreshing Take on HR Transformation with Coca-Cola BIG


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For Coca-Cola BIG, HR Transformation is a continuous journey. It is one that requires careful planning, purposeful destination setting, instituting the right processes and surrounding yourself with the right advocates and the right SuccessFactors, to power impactful and sustained transformation.


                        “We now have a better view of what the stakeholders want and people are appreciating the services of HR

                        more as they see HR as a partner. Rather than someone who runs a payroll or recruits for a resource they need.” 

                        - Teejay Gonzales, People Transformation Director of Coca-Cola BIG


By implementing SAP SuccessFactors as part of a broader HR Transformation, Coca-Cola BIG will measure success through achieving a closer partnership with the business, globally consistent and world-class processes and an exceptional employee experience that focusses on empowering employees with self-service capabilities that allow them to navigate their own careers.


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Floren Joseph Gonzales

HR Transformation Director

Coca-Cola Bottling Investments Group 


Sushant Jain

COO, SAP SuccessFactors

Asia Pacific and Japan 

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