Managing the Emotional Toll of a Remote Workforce


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In response to the uncertainties presented by COVID-19, many companies and universities have asked their employees to work remotely. Many employees in the coming weeks may experience unanticipated mental health consequences from mandated remote work, and it is important to be cognizant of this reality.


HR is responsible for the emotional health of remote workers, without which a company cannot deliver on its goals.


Join us to recognise the value of collaboration with HR, to measure and improve emotional wellness of your organisation.


Using HR technology, we will show ways to:

1. Support and measure employee wellbeing

2. Increase organisational agility in response to disruption


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Trent Wai-Poi

HXM Business Advisor

SAP SuccessFactors, New Zealand 


Adiska Meidina

HXM Solution Advisor

SAP SuccessFactors, Indonesia


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