SAP TechTalk Series: Public Sector
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Changes are accelerating at a faster rate and COVID-19 has posed many new challenges impacting the mission of the government – to provide, protect and prosper the citizens. The new normal has accelerate the need for change as citizen demand for services increases. Government needs to be transparent and gain citizen’s trust as well as financially prudent with the huge fund pour in to stimulate the economy. 


Government can tackle all these changes if they ACT Fast i.e. Accelerate policies changes, Collaborate with the eco-systems, and leverage on Technology as the enabler. 


This series of webinars will focus on how government can gain insights to enhance citizen engagement, drive innovation and financial governance through the use of intelligent technologies.

Part 1: Building the path to an Intelligent Government & data-driven organisation

Date: 11 August 2020    |    Time: 3pm - 4pm SGT (GMT+8) / 2pm - 3pm (GMT+7)

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Public sector organisations sit on huge volumes of data about citizens, processes, policies, etc. But how many can claim to be a truly data-driven organisation? How can data be harnessed to provide better outcomes and services for governments, citizens and businesses?


In this session, we will share what are the foundations a government needs to put in place to become an Intelligent Government given the need to rethink the way citizens consume services, reimagine the way government engage citizens as well as redefine the way government employees work.


Part 2: From Data-to-Insights-to-Action

Date: 18 August 2020    |    Time: 3pm - 4pm SGT (GMT+8) / 2pm - 3pm (GMT+7)

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The decisive and reliable delivery of Public Service is not only based on efficient processes. It must be augmented with real time information, collected at source and made easily accessible for analysis based on the different needs at all levels. It is imperative to possess a single platform for outreach and engagement, data collection and analysis, so as to derive insights to directly influence government policies and decisions.


Part 3: Enabling innovation and use of intelligent technologies in public sector

Date: 25 August 2020    |    Time: 3pm - 4pm SGT (GMT+8) / 2pm - 3pm (GMT+7)

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As the Public Sector strives to provide differentiated and value-added services, there is a need for continuous and rapid innovations to move ideas to reality. Having a robust and state-of-the-art business technology platform can provide the capability suite to achieve it.


This innovation drive and technology platform will also allow the adoption of intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) / robotic process automation (RPA) to further enhance productivity and improve service delivery, governance and operations.


As businesses evolved, including the Public Sector, it is necessary to be able to pivot quickly to meet changing needs and consumption patterns. Providing a harmonised platform will enable students and faculty to have a single holistic view of the route to graduation and overall student success.


Part 4: Driving holistic spend compliance and visibility in public sector

Date: 1 September 2020    |    Time: 3pm - 4pm SGT (GMT+8) / 2pm - 3pm (GMT+7)

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With greater emphasis on compliance and cost management, organisations need to take a holistic approach to streamlining total spend across all categories - services, materials and employee or student expenses, etc. The shift to new modes of working also opens up opportunities to leverage global digital networks for seamless supplier collaboration to boost productivity and relationship.

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