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Learn all about Employee Experience
The new Forrester’s Employee Experience (EX) Index shows that EX is at a turning point. Those that become EX leaders will see major benefits for their employees, their customers and their bottom lines. An engaged workforce is an important driver of business success.
In a series of podcasts and video's, organizations share their visions.  Are they strong believers of Employee Experience and why? How was their journey? Expect fascinating lessons learned, best practices, tips and tricks of precursors. 
Watch the video's, listen to the podcasts and get inspired by the fascinating explanations of the employee experience and the role of technology.
Employee Experience Goes Beyond HR

Employee Experience is not something you bring alone as HR team”


A significant quote from the guests of the first interview: Jan Van Acoleyen, Chief Human Resources Officer & Valérie Vermeire, Director Strategic HR Solutions. They talk about their path toward a true digital workplace and their view on the employee experience journey. Why they needed to invest in it, how they rolled out their strategy, how important technology was to Proximus’ employee experience strategy.


Discover the below insights and many more in the first video and podcast.

  • Know and feel it’s all about experiences today (and tomorrow).
  • Point out that – even when we concentrate on experience – productivity, efficiency and engagement still do matter. Never underestimate the importance of output, profitability, and excellence.
  • Disclose the ins and outs, and probably even all the secrets about the employee experience.


Watch the video or listen to the podcast and get inspired by the journey of Proximus.

In this episode, Oliver Vancappel, Senior HRIT Process Analyst and HRIS Executive at Daikin Europe, shares his insights on Employee Experience. What is it? How does it work in a company with 12.000 employees spread over 28 countries? A story of changing perspectives, massaging, strong collaboration with the affiliates and enjoying instant results of implementing technology.


 “I’m very proud of what we achieved as a team and the fact that we start learning from each other. So, it’s not only HQ saying to the affiliates what they need to do. It’s really affiliates inspiring each other to do new practices, to share what they are doing. It’s a very interesting platform.” Oliver Vancappel

Watch the video or listen to the podcast and get inspired by Daikin’s journey.

Although they don’t use ‘buzz words like Employee Experience’, they act on it every day. Koen Mathys, Manager Training & Development at TVH Group, shares his insights on how company values are the starting point of everything. How more than 5.000 employees worldwide are one? A story of ‘P.A.R.T.S’ in which HR owns and leads the process, but not the topic.


Values are important in driving motivation and positive energy. I think if you fail to live them, especially from a management perspective, you always lose.”  Koen Mathys


Watch the video or listen to the podcast and get inspired by TVH's journey.

In this podcast, the last one in a series, Léon Peeman shares his passion for Employee Experience. What is it?  Why is it so important for a company? What is the role of HR in this journey? Expect an inspiring and passionate testimonial.


There is no substitute for experience!


For Léon Peeman, Senior Customer Solution Advisor at SAP, the HR department is the front runner within an organization, adapting new technologies and delivering services in a different way.  Discover why working with IT is a logic step in Employee Experience and get some insights on how SAP can support a company’s strategic vision.


Knowing what the experience gap is, will give you the pathway ahead and will actually give you the business model of the investments you need to make.


Watch the video or listen to the podcast



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