SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform Replays

Learn why the SAP Cloud Platform is the most accessible and powerful platform on the market and how to get access to over 400K SAP customers today!

Learn how to combine location aware data with business data and processes with a unified data platform powered by SAP HANA. Hear about real-world customer use cases, implementation patterns, performance improvements, and benefits of a central data platform for both Esri and SAP applications. In addition, you will see a live demo that harnesses the “Power of Where” from business data.

What is better--a series of niche solutions tailored to specific tasks or a one-size fits all approach? How does cloud impact this? When should data be replicated versus virtualized? Join Tony Baer, CEO of dbinsight as he addresses these questions and more in a lightening round of database questions!

Some of the largest ISVs in the world have choosen SAP HANA as their platform for innovation. Come hear about some of the things they are doing and why they placed their bets on SAP HANA.

In this session we will talk about new (bigger!) licensing options for SAP HANA, express edition and how you can access and deploy directly from the AWS marketplace. The session will be followed by a demo that showcases the cool types of applications that can be built on SAP HANA.


Data anonymization renders data unlinkable to any individual, empowering business users and data scientists to “know without seeing.” The technology is fully customizable and embedded within the security framework of the latest release of the SAP HANA® business data platform.

Have you recently gone live with SAP HANA or SAP EIM solutions? Will you soon? We are so excited for you, and are now offering fun swag to help you celebrate your Go Live. Hey, it doesn't *have* to be a boring Go Live. Learn how to register for a party and what you can expect.

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