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Create your digital Assistant within a 3-days sprint-session
Participate in our virtual SAP Hackathon and try out SAP Process Automation! Solve the challenges we are presenting to you and profit from the valuable feedback from our SAP-experts. 
What to expect
During the event you will meet our SAP Process Automation experts and learn directly from them. You get access to the latest technology, experience professional support from dedicated experts and exchange ideas with participants from other companies.
By participating in our three-day virtual hackathon, you will work on a given task and go through the entire process of a development project. You will leave the event with a prototype that you can refine and review internally with your peers.
Additional participants


In order for the hackathon to be a success, we recommend bringing in tech experts to develop and maintain the bot. Please bring at least two participants with you.


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Contact person:

Sarah Detzler
E-Mail: sarah.detzler@sap.com

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