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Digital Innovation in Big Data Systems

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About the Webinar Series
With this Webinar Series you will learn about SAP’s unique portfolio and innovation system that enables you to simplify Big Data and help you to quickly gain value from Big Data Management systems across enterprise data, data lakes and cloud data stores.
In a digital economy, gaining new insights and re-usable information from massive amounts of raw data is at the core to re-shape the business. It enables new ways to engage with customers or suppliers, helps to provide better products and services or to efficiently operate machinery. Data driven business model innovation is key to success for a digital enterprise.

Enterprises however face tremendous challenges when managing data of varying sizes and extracting business value out of it today. Data pours into businesses from virtually every direction. New technologies and business transformations act as catalysts and the volume of data rises rapidly in cloud, mobile, the Internet of Things (IoT), and social media. For many customers, this surge can be overwhelming, and managing this rapidly growing heterogenous and distributed data of all sizes, formats, and shapes is even more challenging.

Our webinar replays

Speakers: Gerd Danner, SAP, EMEA Center of Excellence and Alexis Fouquier, SAP, Customer Innovation & Enterprise Platform

Manage data-driven processes for end-to-end Big Data scenarios

SAP Data Hub is a DataOps management solution that enables agile data operations across the enterprise. It supports data sharing, pipelining, and governance of all data in the connected landscape. SAP Data Hub is an open-data architecture that works across Hadoop, data lakes, cloud object storage, relational databases, enterprise applications, and more.

Discover the top 5 reasons for choosing SAP Data Hub
Accelerate and expand your data operations across the modern enterprise and meet governance and security needs with SAP Data Hub.
Harness the flood of Big Data
More data has been created in the last 2 years than in the previous 5,000 years and it's only growing. Discover how SAP Data Hub can help your organization stay agile and connected.