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Can we all agree to Sign on SAP?
SAP Signature Management by DocuSign

Learn how to make paper based processes fully digital and understand the business impact paper still has everywhere in business – even though everybody speaks about digitalization.


By using SAP Signature Management such paper based, manual processes can be easily transformed into a fully digital process. Understand the power of this transformation from various views: compliance, speed and best customer experience.


See how SAP transformed their own contract management

and what is down the road to get digitized with SAP Signature Management.

How Content Excellence made Victorinox win in Digital Commerce with SAP & CELUM

Victorinox grew from Swiss Army Knife to global cult brand

since 1884 with several successful businesses units. Quality and innovation do not only have highest priority for their products but also when it is about Product data and Content.


This webinar grants insights in how the right solutions helped to transform the complex product structures of a multi-division business into great Digital Experiences.

See how mastering data and content make the difference to win the race for the best Customer Experience.


In this webinar you get to know more about:

  • Best practice of a world market leader to break down silos
  • Way from challenges to solutions around process and data quality
  • CELUM’s Content Hub and SAP Commerce Cloud as base for unique digital experiences
  • Advantages of a solid Content Hub for the challenges of our omni-channel world.
Meeting Customer Expectations in an Evolving World

The future of business is here.

Powered by the platform economy, giants like Amazon and Alibaba have shifted the way companies are valued and customer expectations.


Join us for a webinar on July 10th as we showcase a platform pioneer, Christian Agger, Head of Digital and Business Transformation at Satair (subsidiary of Airbus Group),

global leader in commercial parts for the aerospace industry,

and discover what it means to “platform your business”.


In this webinar you will  learn:

  • How to leverage the value of your ecosystem
  • Why Satair is set to become the first one-stop-shop for the aerospace industry
  • What happens when retailers, brands, manufacturers, and distributors go beyond to meet evolving customer expectations 
Next Generation: Automated Digital Contact and Sales Management for SAP Sales Cloud at Rohde & Schwarz

With more than 11,500 employees worldwide in over 70 countries and a turnover of 2.04 billion euros (year 2018), 

Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of information and communications technology products for professional users.


As part of its Digital Sales Strategy R&S decided to use SAP Sales Cloud. For a sophisticated lead management R&S relies on maiCatch from maihiro. The smart C/4HANA add-on is directly integrated into the SAP Sales Cloud and allows to work on deals immediately.



  • Reasons why Rohde &Schwarz opted for SAP Sales Cloud
  • Rohde & Schwarz’s Digital Sales Strategy
  • maiCatch as a Best Practise for a product on the SAP Cloud Platform
  • How maiCatch is used in the daily life of Sales Managers
  • maiCatch’s added value for Sales Excellence at Rohde & Schwarz