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Join our dutch SAP Business Technology Platform team and our SAP Experts and Partners in this unique digital series! 


In our SAP Business Technology Platform Virtual Meet Up Series , we will provide you with insights into technologies that will help you have better data and analytics to ensure that your business keeps running at its best even in times of uncertainty. 


Learn how SAP can help you to make better and more confident decisions as your organization deals with the short- and long-term impact of this pandemic on various aspects of your business, including supply chain, workforce, master data and profitability.

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Nov. 24th

11:00 - 12:00  CET     

Tackling your Master Data Governance Challenges


Customer Success Story with Partner Avelon and Customer Wavin  


Bas vad der Doelen


Sander van der Wijngaart


Samuël Richters 


Nov. 26th

10:00  - 10:30 CET

Data outcome strategy

Learn how the investment in data delivers business value. Join Tina Rosario, SAP’s Chief Data Officer in this presentation on an outcome-driven data strategy. Hear her ideas on techniques for translating data capabilities into business benefits.


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Nov 26th

15:00 - 16:30 CET

Introducing the SAP &
Tricentis Partnership
Delivery at the speed of change

Words of Welcome

SAP application Testing solution, what to test, how does it work?

Accelerating Enterprise Application Delivery at GSK


Steve van Wyk, SAP


Wolfgang Platz - Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Tricentis


Jamie White - Senior Director at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) 



10:00  - 10:30 CET

Data Quality Management

You will learn how to focus data management efforts through high business impact use cases. What’s the secret ingredient? Trust and credibility. Come learn from SAP and our customers - we will share pragmatic, real world experience in managing data quality that transforms business processes.

Our interactive session will also include an approach to building data literacy and the ever important change management concepts. 


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Dec. 10th,

10:00 -11:00 CET

Data as a (new) revenue stream?

Join us in a conversation with one of our customer’s on their mission in making the world a healthier place while using data as a new revenue stream

Magfried Janga


Bjorn de Vries, It's My Life

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