Manage CX like a pro!
SAP Compact for Customer Experience
Manage CX like a pro!

How to turn market opportunities into a bottom-line reality? How to strengthen customer loyalty? How to identify audience segments and produce measurable results? How to create an e-commerce platform that can adapt and scale as your digital business grows? How to understand customers’ needs? - these are the main questions all marketers ask themselves at work.


Businesses constantly struggle with how to improve the customer experience as it is becoming one of the key differentiators for any brand. With SAP Customer Experience solutions, you can become an expert and elevate your success – from project planning to operation.

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Marketing Monday

Now, that we are living in the most informative and attentive time ever, it is really difficult to engage consumers and convince them to buy our products or services. That means that a real-time engagement becomes a necessity to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Join us at 10 AM CET June 20th
Sales Tuesday

As competition grows and markets become more complex, you have to be able to adapt sales process, to put your customers at the centre. SAP Sales Cloud provide intelligent insights, data-driven guidance, and unified connectivity at scale. This way, you can generate added value with each interaction.

Join us at 10 AM CET June 21st
Service Wednesday

Every customer is different and has different expectations in terms of product and service. You need to put real effort into understanding what your customer expects from you. SAP Service Cloud can help increase your customers’ satisfaction and keep them coming back for more, providing fast, reliable, and personalized service across channels.

Join us at 10 AM CET June 22nd
Commerce Thursday

Digital commerce is changing really fast – nowadays, it is crucial to find a solution that allows generating revenue, and at the same time, is innovative and sustainable. SAP Commerce solutions enable brands to become digital innovators that can easily adapt and scale as your digital business grows.

Join us at 10 AM CET June 23rd
Customer Data Friday

Rapidly changing customer behaviour, unpredictable customer journeys are making it tough for enterprises to gain essential customer knowledge. SAP Customer Data solutions allow to unify your siloed data, power real-time engagement with customer context and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Join us at 10 AM CET June 24th
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