Unleash the power of your Data: How SAP Datasphere can improve analysis and decision making
March 28, 2023

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As an existing or a future SAP ERP customer, you may want to know how to leverage the value from the data contained in SAP while associating it with your other data sources. Traditional approaches are very siloed and lack flexibility.


That is why SAP introduced SAP Datasphere, a powerful multi-cloud, multisource service that helps you giving data purpose, by enabling you to easily combine and integrate all your data into one single place and from there analyse it. 


Watch this webinar, where Phil Lee from Accenture and Florian Hamon from SAP exchange on their vision of the product and get food for thought about:


  • Learn the value of keeping data in the business process context.
  • Discover how BW and SAP Datasphere relate to each other.
  • Understand why you should move to SAP Datasphere, supported by customer examples.
  • Learn about SAP data strategy. 



Who should watch this webinar:

  • Data and analytics leaders
  • IT data managers, developers and data professionals
  • Business analysts
Florian Hamon
Business Development Manager at SAP EMEA North
Phil Lee
Senior Manager Data Engineering at Accenture


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