Why Data Preparation is the Essence of a Successful S/4HANA Migration
April 5, 2023

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Learn why data is important no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey.  Data has the power to make a huge difference to your business and migration outcomes whether you are planning for the future, are already underway, or have completed your transformation.  Discover some concrete ideas on what you can do no matter what phase of your transformation you are in.  Hear from Tobias Nilsson, Director of Data & Analytics at Nobia on their successful data transformation journey which underpinned the success of their SAP transformation program.
Top three takeaways:
1. The importance of getting data right - and what can happen if you don't get it right.
2. What practical steps customers can take before embarking on an SAP transformation.
3. How to get the approach to data quality correct when deploying SAP, and how the right approach to data can assist.
Olivier Demeusy
Regional Director, Center of Excellence EMEA North, Business Technology Platform
Chris Gorton
SVP and Managing Director, EMEA at Syniti
Tobias Nilsson
Director Data and Analytics at Nobia


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