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Hands-On Workshop: The Art of Modern Planning with SAP
Postponed until further notice

Hosted virtually


SAP Analytics Cloud combines BI, planning, forecasting, and advanced analytics in a simple cloud environment. It is supported by AI technologies and an in-memory database and is one of the most advanced analytics solutions available.


We want you to participate! The workshop will allow you to get hands-on experience with SAP analytics Cloud. Before the workshop starts, you will receive access to a test user account to be able to use the solution.

Expert guidance

Receive guidance of our solution experts. They will provide you with advice and support during the workshop and practical exercises. Our experts are already looking forward to meeting you!

Workshop overview

In this virtual and interactive workshop, you can gain your first practical experience with SAP Analytics Cloud - especially in the area of planning. Supported by step-by-step guidance from experienced SAP mentors, you will practice implementing concrete tasks on the system.


Based on the business case of a sales planning, you will learn how to create the data model and a planning mask with SAP Analytics Cloud, as well as how to generate individual planning logics and copy steps. Afterwards, you can use SAP Analytics Cloud to visualize the data and analyze deviations up to the creation of a value driver tree.


Are you curious and would like to gain your own initial experience with the SAP Analytics Cloud? If so, register now for our virtual planning workshop.

Agenda highlights
  • 10:00 AM CET

    Log-In and get together


    Login and welcome of all participants.

  • SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning Overview

    What is SAP Analytics Cloud? What are the use cases within planning and what is the strategic orientation?

  • System Set-Up

    Log-in of the participants and first orientation in the workshop environment.

  • Data model


    Basics of data modeling as well as creating your own data model data model including account structure, organizational structure and the loading of data and structures.

  • Visualization


    Creation of initial charts, analyses, etc. as well as input masks within the story.

  • 10:00 AM CET

    Review of Day 1

    Review of day 1 and summary of learning progress.

  • Workflow


    Introduction to the calendar for designing a workflow, monitoring, etc.

  • Planning logic


    Definition of the planning logic by data action buttons such as copy steps, pre assignments, etc., calculation of key figures.

  • Value driver tree


    Explanation of the driver-based planning and creation of a simplified value driver tree.

  • Planning screen


    Finalization of the already started planning screen, version management, deviations, etc.

  • Review of the workshop


    Summary of the topics covered and learning progress within this workshop.

  • Closing


    Farewell of the participants.

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Blaž Zabukovec
Presales Hub Lead for Analytics and Insights
Marko Cencic
P&T Senior Presales for SAC Planning
Stefan Samara
Solution Senior Advisor
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