Greener Supply Chain

Reducing Environmental Impact Through Logistics Visibility

During our webinar, FourKites, the WTO and SAP will take you through the possibilities for making a strong contribution to the corporate sustainability agenda through machine learning and real-time visibility of your logistics network.

Webinar Agenda
  • Reducing environmental impact (miles travelled and CO2 emission) leveraging sustainability insights
  • Lowering operating costs through optimized capacity utilization across fleet, labor and facilities
  • Improving delivery accuracy through total transparency
  • Unifying your external carrier collaboration
  • Providing a global view of goods in-transit across modes and geos for insight-to-action
  • Supporting a chain of trust for cross-company material traceability 
  • Threats to long-term participation in global trade - countries and sectors at risk (congestion, shortages and cost increases)
  • The future direction of trade legislation for logistics and sustainability
  • Assumptions about sustainable supply chains: Nearshoring versus offshoring and key considerations for companies
  • Evidenced-based decision-making on logistics' contributions to supply chain sustainability
Jochum Reuter
General Manager & VP Strategic Alliances for FourKites EMEA

My passion is to (re-)build teams and make them successful within SaaS services for the supply chain and logistics industry. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do just that for the EMEA organization of FourKites, worldwide leader in Real Time Transportation Visibility.

Petra Diessner
Global Solution Owner for SAP Business Network for Logistics

Petra Diessner is the Global Solution Owner for SAP Business Network for Logistics. In this capacity, she drives the go-to-market strategy, and helps customers understand how they best can benefit from our offerings. Since joining SAP more than 20 years ago, she has held various roles in product and solution management.

Aik Hoe Lim
Director, Trade and Environment at World Trade Organization

Hoe Lim has 20+ years experience in trade policy/law and international trade negotiations, services trade, GATS and international economic relations, trade and environment issues, standards, TBT Agreement. He is also a board member of UN Global Environment Outlook (GEO) for Business and a member of World Economic Outlook (WEF) Green Trade Community.

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