Journey to SAP S/4HANA



26th of May - 6th of July 2021

The needs of change has been accelerated by the global pandemic. People and companies need to adapt to new circumstances and fulfill new requirements. In the corporate world, this is called business transformation. But how do you bring technology, people, and business models together?


In the coming weeks, we would like to focus on these topics in our Websessions.



RISE with SAP opens up many opportunities for your enterprise transformation. You could start with a technical migration into the cloud, but you could also make use of new, innovative and state of the art business processes. Those three questions we would like to focus on:

  • What is RISE with SAP and what does it mean for my company?
  • What options do I have to use RISE with SAP?
  • How does a business transformation project looks like?


Business Innovation Framework

Over 90% of companies are currently thinking about transforming their business processes and models. Do you ask yourself the question of how to tackle the issue specifically in the company?
Using real customer examples, we will show you how you can identify, evaluate and profitably implement process optimization potential in your company with the help of the "Business Innovation Framework". Start your transformation journey with us!

WHY S/4HANA Business Assessment

You are wondering (or you ask yourself) why SAP S/4HANA and why start the transformation now? We provide you the start of your individual SAP S/4HANA success story along with your corporate strategy and answer the questions:

  • How can I determine and maximize the value contribution of a SAP S/4HANA transformation for my company?
  • How do I align the IT strategy with the individual business strategy and derive the future architecture including business processes for it?
  • How do I start with a value-driven consideration as part of the decision template for my entire business transformation?

We also offer these Webinars in German, here you find the registration.