SAP Cyber Security Solutions Webinars




Join this webinar series for insights how SAP solutions and services work together to help protecting your business organization from cyber-attacks and safeguarding SAP system integrity and confidentiality.

This Cyber Security Webinar Series will give a detailed overview about the SAP solutions and services for cyber security and data protection and how they help to:
  • Secure the operation of complex hybrid SAP landscapes with Focused Run
  • Ensure your custom developed applications and services are coded with security built in
  • Tackle cyber-attacks within real-time
  • Prevent data theft by hiding specific data using and analyze the access to critical data using
  • Understand the different offerings and options for managing access and identity across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments
  • Use the cloud Enterprise Security Suite as a comprehensive guide to explain SAP security services
  • Secure their cloud business with the help of SAP security services
  • Secure your SAP Landscape with the help of MaxAttention Cybersecurity and Compliance


Enjoy your time attending these webinars.

Broadcast Date Time Title Register
03/24/2020 13:00 SAP solutions for cybersecurity and data protection (overview session) Register
03/26/2020 13:00 Secure operation of hybrid landscapes with SAP Focused Run Register
03/31/2020 13:00 Beat the hackers with SAP Fortify by Micro Focus Register
04/02/2020 13:00 Detect and neutralize cyber-attacks in real time Register
04/07/2020 13:00 SAP Code Vulnerability Analyzer (CVA) Register
04/09/2020 13:00 UI Data Protection Masking for SAP S/4HANA Register
4/21/2020 13:00 Identity Access Management and Governance: On-premise, cloud and in between Register
4/23/2020 13:00 The Cloud Enterprise Security Suite Register
4/28/2020 13:00 Cybersecurity and Compliance Register
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