Webinar Replay: Increase supply chain responsiveness with Demand Driven MRP. Introduction to a new methodology supported by Accenture and SAP.

Duration: 1 hour

Changing the game means changing the way you think and behave. In a linear planning and execution world driven by traditional MRP, companies find themselves locked into certain outcomes.


For companies interested in or already embracing DDMRP methodology, SAP provides a complete end to end solution.


DDMRP is more than a software solution – it is an end to end methodology for a new approach to planning and execution.

Companies embracing DDMRP typically see improvements in lead time and inventory reduction with near perfect customer service.


  • What is DDMRP
  • Why DDMRP
  • How DDMRP
  • DDMRP with SAP
  • Journey to DDMRP
  • Q&A



Petra Breton
Supply chain Senior Manager (DDI Planner certified)
Mohamed Amine Touihri
Solution Advisor in Supply chain solutions (DDI Planner certified)