Semantic Layer in SAP Datasphere
April 11, 2023

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SAP Datasphere is an evolution of SAP’s data management portfolio, to radically simplify organizations’ data landscape and provide seamless and self-service access to their most important data. Learn how to access semantically rich SAP data through a unified single semantic layer, while keeping the context and avoiding data duplication and data movement. Hear from Iver Van De Zand, Chief Technology Officer and Chris Pritchard, Senior Director from Business Technology Platform how you can accelerate self-service to trusted mission-critical business data and easily share it across the organization. SAP Business Intelligence partner Interdobs will share their experiences on how they put in practice a harmonized single access layer to all data sources.
Top 3 takeaways:
1. Why is it important to harmonize mission-critical data to drive your most impactful business decisions.
2. How to maximize your current data investments and amplify your data and analytics agility.
3. What is the right approach to develop and maintain a single access layer to business-critical data.
Iver van de Zand
CTO, Vice President Business Technology Platform SAP EMEA North
Chris Pritchard
Senior Director, Business Technology Platform SAP EMEA North


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