Future-proof Your Workforce: How SAP Enables Strategic Workforce Planning
June 14, 2023

2.00 pm BST / 3.00 pm CET

Looking to transform your workforce to drive better results for your business? If yes, we’d like to invite you to our upcoming webinar on June 14, when HR Experts from Deloitte and SAP wil share their knowledge, so you can:


  • Gain insights into your future workforce needs: Learn how to analyze your current workforce needs and effectively navigate today's complexities, whilst anticipating the future needs in terms of both Capacity and Capabilities (Skills)
  • Develop effective strategies: Discover how scenario planning will enable you to develop strategic talent actions to tackle your workforce gaps, through the means of talent acquisition, up- & reskilling, succession planning and more - in order to optimize your workforce.
  • Enhance your HR productivity: Develop a broader understanding of how Strategic Workforce Planning enables your HR organization to become more proactive in terms of sourcing and talent development, leading to an overall more productive organization.
  • Live demo of innovative features in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning: See our cutting-edge features in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning can streamline your Strategic Workforce Planning process. 
  • Stay ahead in a competitive landscape: Stay agile and competitive by mastering strategic workforce planning. Join our webinar to gain valuable insights, tools, and a live demo of Deloitte special content in SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn about strategic workforce planning and see our special content in action! Register now for our upcoming webinar and stay ahead in today's business world.

Thomas Pensaert
Senior Manager in Consulting Human Capital Belgium, Global Workforce Planning Community Leader
Nicolas Van Spilbeeck
Senior Manager in Consulting Finance & Performance Belgium, BE Business Planning Community Leader
Yves Van Durme
Partner in Consulting Human Capital Belgium, Global Offering Leader - Organization Transformation
Yoann Busigny
Director in Consulting Finance & Performance Belgium, Business Finance Leader Belgium
Damien Fribourg
Senior Director – Solution Manager for Planning


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