Experience the SAP S/4HANA Simulation Game

17th September | 15th October


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What is SAP S/4HANA ERPsim™?


ERPsim™ is a business simulation run on a live SAP ERP system. You and your peers will collaborate on managing an end-to-end business cycle. Through first-hand experience, you will gain a deeper understanding of what impacts company performance and of the value end-to-end process integration, collaboration, and communication.


In this fast-paced simulation environment, you must optimize decisions by sharing information and collaborating using ERP. You will gain more than just an appreciation of enterprise software—you will also witness the impact on company performance of communicating and collaborating up- and downstream in an end-to-end process.



ERPsim™ propels you on your digital transformation journey. It engages your people in a challenge that pits teams against each other to solve problems, motivating them to embrace ERP and buy into your digital transformation initiative.


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