Packed with cutting-edge technical expertise and ground-breaking business insights, we have included powerful speakers, targeted industry breakout sessions and real-world success stories.

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Become an Intelligent Enterprise Now
The need to digitize business processes is more important than ever, and the digitization of key business processes is essential to creating an intelligent enterprise.

The Network of Intelligent Enterprises
Business needs and new capabilities are converging. This is the right time to embrace the idea of "intelligent networks."

Leading organizations are not only seeking to meet compliance requirements and uncover new efficiencies. They are creating new business models for long-term growth.



Christian Klein, CEO, SAP SE

Julia White, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer, SAP SE

Mark Gibbs, Global Executive Vice President, SAP SE
President, SAP Greater China

The world we are living in is very different than before. In Hong Kong, businesses are now facing three paradigm shifts: evolving consumer behavior, disrupted supply chain and work-from-home reality. SAP Hong Kong Managing Director Fabian Padilla Crisol unpacks these phenomena and maps out how SAP solutions support companies capture new opportunities.


Speaker: Fabian Padilla Crisol, Managing Director, Hong Kong & Macau, SAP

In this session we explore how SAP is helping businesses think beyond tomorrow. Hear top executives from leading Hong Kong firms drill into how they use technology to address unparalleled challenges and sustain future success.



Eric Ho, Executive Director, Information Technology, Ocean Park Corporation

Jelly Zhou, Chief Executive Officer (Hong Kong), HKTV

Susanna Shen, Head of Corporate IT, The Hong Kong & China Gas Company Limited

Timothy Mak, Group General Manager, Signify Hong Kong Limited

Wilson Wong, Head of Information Technology, GP Global Marketing Limited

Key members of SAP’s extensive ecosystem, including partners, software vendors and others, will discuss the essential requirements for a successful journey to digital excellence.



Cally Chan, General Manager, Microsoft Hong Kong & Macau

Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist, Asia Pacific, Amazon Web Services

Ronnie Sung, Managing Director, DynaSys Solutions Limited

Wing Lee, Executive Director, IVC Solutions Limited

Fabian Padilla Crisol, Managing Director, Hong Kong & Macau, SAP (Moderator)


In this session, you will find out why more than 5,000 SAP customers choose AWS as the platform of innovation and choice.   You will be inspired with ideas on how to leverage AWS and SAP 13-year partnership to accelerate your own innovation and transformation journey.


Speaker: Willie Vu, Manager, Partner Solutions Architecture, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Amazon Web Services

In this session, you will discover why DynaSys continues to receive different SAP awards and how DynaSys can maintain SAP support service in new normal.

With the support of UnitedVARs, how DynaSys can continue to expand its business and roll-out SAP projects in different countries?

Last but not least, DynaSys has interviewed his customer, Citistore and Unicorn Stores. You will gain a new insight on how DynaSys and SAP help customer to go through the digital transformation journey successfully.



Eric Cheung, Associate IT Director, Citistore (HK) Limited & Unicorn Stores (HK) Limited

Ronnie Sung, Managing Director, DynaSys Solutions Limited

In this session, IVC Consulting Group will introduce a wide spectrum of SAP solutions and the unique services they offer to different industries.

IVC is the SOLE training partner for SAP in Hong Kong and Macau offering a comprehensive suite of standard or customized training as well as certification courses.

For helping Hong Kong enterprises to leverage government funds for digital transformation, IVC will share the points of note for apply Technology Voucher Programme (TVP).

What’s more! IVC has invited their customers to share their experience on implementing of SAP solutions under the support of IVC.



Glen Fung, Vice President - Finance & Operations, Elegant Watch & Jewellery Co. Limited

Kenneth Tse, General Manager - Sales & Marketing, Jacobson van den Berg (Hong Kong) Limited

In this session, we will discuss how we can help our customers on tackling the challenges demonstrated by The COVID-19 pandemic, that requires the need of agility for all organizations. Many organizations are still facing various challenges with their existing ERP systems, including security and compliance, cost and scalability, hindering their transformation to an agile operating model.

By adopting SAP’s new digital core ERP, SAP S/4HANA, and running on agile cloud platform such as Azure, let’s explore the benefits of migrating your on-premises SAP landscape to SAP Cloud Platform and integrating with innovative cloud services in Azure.


Speaker: Winnie Chu, Azure Business Group Lead, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Eight dedicated content tracks covering line of business and industry topics will be available starting from 16 June on event website.

Every industry can learn from looking at the experiences of others. Especially since we have seen a decade’s worth of change to businesses in the past 12 months. It’s a good time to take a step back and look at how business everywhere has been, or needs to be, redefined.

Join us in the Industries track to hear from leaders who decided to accelerate, not postpone, their digitization investment to be better positioned to steer their organizations through disruption, protect their businesses, and drive future success.

The IT track puts the spotlight on the IT organization and its unique opportunity to be the agent of change for an organization’s business transformation. Deliver Business-Transformation-as-a-Service and meet your customer at their individual departure point with solutions and services that help them to become an intelligent enterprise.

Join us in the IT track to learn about RISE with SAP, SAP’s latest solution which brings the right industry cloud solutions, technology platform, and connected business networks together for your customer.

In 2020, organizations faced disruptions unlike any that had been seen in modern history. As a result, the business of business has changed. Innovation and reinvention are driving businesses forward at a pace that is only accelerating. This reality creates huge challenges — and immense opportunity — for those charged with managing a company’s spending.

Join us in the Procurement track to see how SAP is enabling organizations to align spend decisions with business strategy in today’s networked economy — this is what intelligent spend management is all about.

The fragility of the supply chain has been brought to the forefront of thinking for businesses and their customers. Companies now realize that supply chain resilience and agility is paramount to ensuring continual business operations and customer satisfaction.

Join us in the Supply Chain track to learn more about resilient supply chains and the need to be predictive, intelligent, and agile to respond to supply chain dynamics.

Reinventing HR requires redirection from what the business needs to what everyone on the org chart needs. It shifts the focus from supporting HR-led processes to delivering engaging, individualized experiences. This is how you create a workforce ready for any challenge, how you stay agile and profitable, and transform into an intelligent enterprise.

Join us in the Human Resources track to learn about SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, which helps to reinvent HR so that everyone in your organization will experience wins.

Customers want personalized engagements, seamlessness and transparency. They know businesses can innovate quickly, and now they expect it, at speed and scale. Brands that are unable to reach out across their favorite channels will be left behind.

Join us in the Customer Experience track to learn that being there for your customers means cutting complexity and friction points while unifying data.

With unexpected changes in the market, shifting customer expectations, gaps in workforce skills, and more -- midsize companies face a variety of disruptions. There’s no better time to rethink your strategic priorities and capabilities to address these challenges while considering how to position yourself for sustained growth and competitiveness.

Join us in the Midmarket (SMB) track for thought-provoking insights from business leaders, industry experts, and SAP partners.

As digitalization has accelerated everywhere, CFOs and their organizations are empowered to think and act differently. They need the insights and tools to proactively drive a nimble response to any situation.

Join us in the Finance track to learn how SAP's solutions help you harness the power of a unified finance and risk platform in the cloud to bring unique business value.

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