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SAPPHIRE NOW Returns in 2021


The future is a moving target.  SAPPHIRE NOW 2021 is re-defining how enterprises tackle the new and constantly changing normal. So you can zero in on what it takes to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

An Entirely Different SAPPHIRE NOW


Join the flagship virtual event SAP SAPPHIRE NOW Vision Reimagined Hong Kong and listen to our distinguished speakers who will share their insightful viewpoints for business recovery.

Language: English
Who Should Attend: Business Leaders, Professionals in IT, HR, Finance, Procurement, Sales & Marketing and more!

SAPPHIRE NOW Vision Keynote by Christian Klein

How to Turn Our Biggest Challenges Into Our Greatest Opportunities

Power your agility during these fast-changing times. Explore the dimensions of the intelligent enterprise with SAP CEO Christian Klein.

Opening Keynote
Mark Gibbs
Global Executive Vice President & President, Greater China
Fabian Padilla Crisol
Managing Director, Hong Kong & Macau
Customer Panel Discussion

Unlike anything in recent history, the global COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting social and economic disruption called the way today’s enterprises operate into intense and far reaching question. This panel, which includes representatives from an internationally-famous textile and garment manufacturer, a global insurance and asset management provider, and one of the world’s most efficient metro railway operators, will discuss the strengths and lay out the weaknesses of current business approaches. The session will wrap up with views on how digital transformation can enable sustainable growth, and what this all means for the “future of work” in a post-pandemic world.

Arsh Kaumi
Chief Financial Officer
Generali Hong Kong Life and P&C
Karl Ting
General Manager - IS
Crystal International Group Limited
Timothy Mak
Group General Manager
Signify Hong Kong Limited
Ted Suen
Chief Information Officer
MTR Corporation Limited
Partner Panel Discussion

One of the most interesting outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic is the way it has accelerated the use of technology among Hong Kong companies. Few people are better placed to observe and comment on this development than the representatives of some of the world’s biggest technology providers, a selection of whom will be members of the Partner Panel session at SAPPHIRE Now Vision Hong Kong 2020. They will share first-hand their experiences with the growing number of companies adopting cloud technology to overcome business and operational disruptions. The panel will wrap up with an audience Q&A aimed at getting to the heart of what matters to local companies and how they can be better prepared to withstand future business disruptions.

Maria Hui
Director, Marketing and Operations (M&O)
Microsoft Hong Kong Limited
Olivier Klein
Lead Technologist, Asia-Pacific
Amazon Web Services
Philippe Cherigie
Managing Director, SAP Sales Lead APAC
Accenture Company Limited
Wing Lee
Executive Director
IVC Solutions Limited
Executive Dialogue

Digital transformation has already helped many firms keep ahead of competitors. Amid the uncertainty of a global pandemic, the question now being asked is how new technology-driven business models can create, distribute and sustain long-term value increasingly unpredictable markets.


At this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW Vision Executive Dialogue, business leaders will share their perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on their companies. They’ll showcase the effect of sudden behavior shifts – both internal and external – and how they have responded to this crisis. 

Damien Wu
Director of Digital Transformation
Chinachem Group
Paul Smitton
Chief Executive Officer
Asia Miles
Stephen Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited
Duration Session Speaker
60 mins Executive Keynote  – Unlocking the Potential of a New Era Christian Klein, CEO, SAP

15 mins

Opening Keynote – Leading and Living Through the Crisis  Mark Gibbs, Global Executive Vice President & President, Greater China, SAP 

15 mins

Opening Keynote – Hong Kong: The City of Trade and Innovation

Fabian Padilla-Crisol, Managing Director, SAP Hong Kong & Macau

45 mins

Customer Panel Discussion – Reimagined

Arsh Kaumi, CFO, Generali Hong Kong Life and P&C

Karl Ting, General Manager - IS, Crystal International Group Limited

Ted Suen, CIO, MTR Corporation Limited

Timothy Mak, Group  General Manager, Signify Hong Kong Limited

35 mins

Partner Panel Discussion – Reimagined

Maria Hui, Director, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Olivier Klein, Lead Technologist, Asia-Pacific Amazon Web Services

Philippe Cherigie, Managing Director, SAP Sales Lead APAC, Accenture Company Limited

Wing Lee, Executive Director, IVC Solutions Limited

30 mins

Executive Dialogue

Damien Wu, Director of Digital Transformation, Chinachem Group

Paul Smitton, CEO, Asia Miles

Stephen Lee, CEO, Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited

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