On-Demand Webinar:
How a Focus on Customer Success Drives Business Growth

60-minute webcast featuring leading experts from MIT, SAP, and Cargill
Available On-Demand

Listen to an engaging conversation between:

  • Michael Schrage, Research Fellow with MIT Sloan School's Initiative on the Digital Economy 
  • Marty Mrugal, Global Head of Customer First at SAP 
  • Todd Stohlmeyer, Vice President of Global Strategic Sourcing and Procurement at Cargill 


Discover how to drive business growth through strategic investments that revolve around making your customers more valuable.


During this interactive webcast, you will learn:

  • How to better align innovation with new customer capability
  • New perspectives on agile, outcome-focused customer journeys
  • The keys to maximizing customer success through a customer first approach
  • Actionable next steps for digital transformation


Typical approaches to innovation are often ineffective. Companies that put customers at the center of everything they do deliver more value for their customers, and their business. It sounds obvious, but how do you move from theory to practice?


“Successful innovators have a ‘vision of the customer future’ that matters every bit as much as their product or service vision. By treating innovation as an investment in customer futures, organizations can make their customers more valuable.” – Michael Schrage