SAP 'INVITE' Webinar Series

Industry Innovation & Virtual Tour Experience


Indonesia  |  August - December 2021

A Guide to Succeed in The New Economy
with Interconnected Businesses


The fast-rising primacy of digital platforms, the increasing use of mobile phones to drive e-commerce, and the growing power of data analytics to drive business decisions is increasing the competitive pressure on businesses. The pandemic has also played a significant role in changing the business directions and how the world works. The market may be shifted but it continues to evolve rapidly before our eyes.


Companies must be able to adapt with the market changes to survive the competition. While in order to lead, companies are required to take the bold move to nimbly transform their business model to be able to avoid unforeseen disruptions and build opportunities going forward.


Companies that have successfully weathered this storm were those that valued collaboration, cross-business insights, data-driven decision making, and agility, both in terms of processes and employees by becoming “interconnected businesses”. To start the journey to become an interconnected business, companies must connect the dots in this four key areas: Customers, Employees, Insights, and Processes.


SAP ‘INVITE’ (Industry Innovation & Virtual Tour Experience) webinar series is designed to help provide our customers with the guide to becoming an interconnected business in their specific industry area, using best practices in that four key areas.



Focused Industry Sessions Available

Choose your industry from the available sessions below.

Consumer Products

Thursday, 12 Aug 2021

09:30-11:00 AM (WIB)

Life Science

Friday, 20 Aug 2021

09:00-10:15 AM (WIB)

In collaboration with IBM

Event Password: vN36MNep

Industrial Manufacturing

Thursday, 9 Sep 2021

09:30-11:00 AM (WIB)


Keynote Session: 21 Sep 2021

Track Sessions: 22 Sep 2021

On-demand replay will be available soon.


Thursday, 7 Oct 2021

09:30-11:00 AM (WIB)


Thursday, 28 Oct 2021

09:30-11:00 AM (WIB)


Thursday, 25 Nov 2021

09:30-11:00 AM (WIB)

Watch On-Demand Here
Engineering, Construction & Operations

Thursday, 8 December

09:30-11:00 AM (WIB)

Why Should Attend?

At this session you will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen directly from the great leaders in the industry on how they make the shifts and drive changes in their organisations.
  • Join in the discussion about succeeding in the New Economy with SAP Industry subject matter experts.
  • Get your front seat to virtually visit SAP Experience Center, have a tour and see showcases of the latest industry innovation from us.

In Collaboration With

This webinar series is a joint initiative of SAP Indonesia and ISUG (Indonesia SAP User Group) community. Learn more about the ISUG community, its activities, and be part of the ISUG community here.

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