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SAP Down to Earth

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Let's deep dive into the challenges of today's Supply Chain

In the current situation our society finds itself in, we have found out the hard way where our weakest links are in our supply chains. Through this we have realized more than ever the importance of having a strong and flexible supply chain as well as which processes we need to improve in order to attain this.

This is why  FouadSusanneWouter and Marvin would like to deep dive into the core issues affecting the supply chain of today. In the upcoming weeks they will zoom in on Asset Management. Are you active in this sport? Please join us in the discussion. This series is being carried out in Dutch however if you would like to join the discussion in English, please send us an email and we will reach out to you. 

SAP Down to Earth Introduction

Welcome to our mini series, SAP Down to Earth, let's introduce you to the team and what we will be discussing in this upcoming series. 

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SAP Down to Earth "The Lost Chain"

In this episode we discuss what the missing link is between maintenance planners and supply planners and how that can effect operations.


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"Down to Earth" The Maintenance Challenge

Spare Parts 

"Down to Earth" Asset Strategy and Performance Management

"Down to Earth" Maintenance Regimes

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