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Why you need to be there?

This webinar will provide you a high level overview of Experience Management with a focus on Customer Data.


Join us the 15th of September 10:00 - 10:45.


We will start our webinar journey with a guided walk through the Customer Data solution of SAP combined with SAP Qualtrics and the value this combination could add to your organization. The session will be closed with tangible examples of respective reference cases.

What is your personal outcome of attending this webinar?

You will be able to know, how you could provide your customers the best, personalized, customer experience while still complying with Customer Data Regulations like GDPR. 

Why is this topic important; why now?

Customers and employees are becoming more demanding and product lifecycles are shrinking, requiring organizations to adapt at a faster pace than ever before. Most organizations have made great strides in improving their processes and technology, but they have overlooked the human element. That’s what experience management is all about.


Experience management (XM) is an approach for delivering breakthrough results by better understanding and responding to how people think and feel. Organizations that master XM continuously learn, propagate insights, and rapidly adapt.


BUT if you want your XM to be successful, you’re in the urgent need to get to know your known and even your unknown, potential customers better. You need to know who your customers really are, while complying with their individual (data-) preferences – that’s how you can make a difference and develop long-lasting loyal fans of your organisation.


Meet Expert Donia Ibrahimi


Donia works as a Customer Experience Solution Advisor at SAP. She is passionate about innovation in the field of Experience Management and Customer experience, and enjoys advising companies about this from a technology perspective.