UI5 Web Components

Join us on December 14th at 3:00 pm CET / 2:00 pm UTC / 9:00 am EDT for a webinar about the latest UI Open Source offering by SAP: UI5 Web Components. In this session, you will explore the UI5 Web Components which are lightweight and easy to consume UI building blocks that allow you to build enterprise ready UIs with any technology of choice. They are also a carrier of Fiori design paradigm. 


The SAP Open Source Program Office is looking forward to hosting another open source webinar with two Product Owners and active contributors of this project, Ilhan Myumyun and Stanislava Baltova, who will also share their experience with open sourcing this project and discuss your questions.

The Open Source Way

A podcast with open source enthusiasts about open source trends, topics and projects.

Sometimes it is not the obvious that makes a difference. And sometimes it is not the price that determines value. Sometimes it is just a drop that drives a wave. This podcast is about the difference, value or drop that open source can be. In each episode we talk with experts about open source related topics and why they do it the open source way.

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