Ways of Supporting Open-Source Communities

Open-source communities are as different as the projects themselves and their evolvement and interaction largely depend on a few individuals, who orchestrate and support the community with different approaches.


In this webinar, Karsten Hohage (also host of the SAP Open Source Podcast series) moderated a panel discussion with three community experts. They talked about different channels and ways to interact or reach out to potential audiences of open-source projects, the goals of evolving a project’s community, and the challenges of scalable community management in an enterprise context.

SAP Cloud SDK - Benefits and Challenges of Open Sourcing

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted a webinar with Marika Marszalkowski, Senior Developer in the area of Cloud Innovation at SAP, about the SDK project and the benefits and challenges of Open Sourcing. 


Marika explained how to best get started with this SDK. You will learn about the capabilities and latest developments in this open-source project. Besides, you will hear why SAP decided to publish it as an open source project, and the challenges as well as benefits associated. You can also explore the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript, an open source library that simplifies developing web applications on SAP’s Business Technology Platform.

Project Piper - From InnerSource to Open Source

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted a webinar with Thorsten Duda, Product Owner at the Continuous Integration and Delivery Service and contributor to Project Piper at SAP, about project “Piper”, a Continuous Integration and Delivery open source project.

Thorsten discussed how SAP is leveraging its inhouse development tooling to support customers and partners with developing fast and high quality for cloud. Project "Piper" started as an InnerSource project, powering most SAP-internal (non-ABAP) CI/CD pipelines and was open sourced in 2017.



What's in it for Students?

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted a webinar with Ulrike Fempel, responsible for communication and business development of open source at SAP, who discussed with students how they can benefit from open source when diving into a first job opportunity with an open-source project or when making open source part of their thesis or research at SAP. Hear about how SAP engages with open source and how students contribute to open-source projects.

Copyright and License Compliance in SAP Open Source Projects

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted a webinar with Sebastian Wolf, Development Architect at SAP, about Copyright and License Compliance in SAP Open Source Projects. 

Sebastian talked about SAP’s "outbound" process that enables teams to start open-source projects or to contribute to existing projects. He explained already implemented and planned measures and developments and shared his experiences and best practices. These include the mandatory use of the Free Software Foundation Europe's REUSE tool and the full automation of our compliance rule checking for all open source repositories.

Open Source License Compliance with OpenChain

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted a webinar with Shane Coughlan, OpenChain General Manager at the Linux Foundation, and Peter Giese, Head of the SAP Open Source Program Office, about key requirements of a quality open source compliance program. With his extensive knowledge of open source governance and process development, Shane explains what is important for a healthy open source environment in organizations, while Peter talks about SAP's experience with getting ready for the OpenChain certification to help establish trust and reliability among all the participants in software supply chains at SAP.

Navigating Open Source Risk

The SAP Open Source Program office hosted a webinar with Dawn Foster, Director of Open Source Community Strategy at VMware, who talks about a wide variety of risks along with ideas for mitigation when using and contributing to open source projects. While it is easy to incorporate open source projects into our business, we don’t always think about the risks and how those risks might impact our business and product strategies.

UI5 Web Components

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted an open source webinar with Ilhan MyumyunStanislava Baltova, and Filip Siderov about the latest UI Open Source offering by SAP: UI5 Web Components. In this session, they explore the UI5 Web Components which are lightweight and easy to consume UI building blocks that allow you to build enterprise ready UIs with any technology of choice. They are also a carrier of Fiori design paradigm. 



Open Documentation Initiative

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted an open source webinar on the Open Documentation Initiative with DJ Adams, Developer Advocate at SAP.


Earlier this year, SAP embarked upon a new chapter in their open source story: opening up their documentation for external collaboration and contribution. Learn what this initiative is, why SAP embarked upon it, how it works, and what benefits it brings. In this blog post you can find a short recap of the webinar with links.


The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted a webinar on ClearlyDefined, a service that provides clear license data for open source projects in 18 different ecosystems, with Carol Smith, Program Manager of the Open Source Program Office at Microsoft, Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Principal Engineer in the Open Source Program Office at Microsoft and Brian Duran, Technoloy Compliance Analyst at SAP.

Eclipse Foundation Europe

The SAP Open Source Program Office hosted a webinar with Gaël Blondelle, Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH and Matthias Sohn, SAP.

Learn how open source is an opportunity for the European Software Ecosystem, and how open source foundations have a fundamental role to play beyond digital sovereignty and technology independence. 

Matthias, who is leading the Eclipse projects JGit and Egit, explains the collaboration of SAP with the Eclipse foundation and its benefits for an enterprise.


Kubernetes Clusters across different Infrastructures

Explore how SAP operates thousands of Kubernetes clusters in public and private environments at scale. In this session you will learn more about how SAP uses open source project Gardener to provide a consistent experience across different infrastructures and how you can get involved.

Clean ABAP

Explore how with “Clean ABAP - Open Source Project with a Vivid Community” your code is made easier to test, read and maintain. Learn how the speakers created an open source project with a community of professionals contributing to the Clean ABAP ecosystem with tools, guides, translations, and more. 

Open Source Supply Chains

This session provides an overview about common attack vectors, systematically describes recent real-world attacks and introduces selected countermeasures

Open Source and Open Standards

Explore why open source is evolving steadily towards a more structured approach with specific rules and policies whereas leading standards organizations are establishing open source rules, guidelines, and initiatives as part of their overall strategy.

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