Level-up Video Series: Do More with SAP Process Orchestration


Our Level-up video series focuses on SAP Process Orchestration for the integration of on-premise applications and hybrid scenarios. Each of the snack-sized videos of 8-10 minutes length highlights a single, well-defined topic. To make the information more tangible for practitioners, we’ve included a demo part whenever beneficial.


Browse the topics and learn how you can do more with SAP Process Orchestration to get the most out of your existing or new investment.

Application Integration in Hybrid Environments


In this video, you will get a brief overview of SAP’s application integration platform offerings – SAP Process Orchestration technology and SAP Cloud Platform Integration service – supporting on-premise, hybrid and pure cloud integration scenarios. You will learn where to find pre-configured content packages. And you will see a demo that shows the deployment and run-time of pre-packaged integration content.

Migrating from SAP Process Integration to SAP Process Orchestration


In this video, you will learn about the advantages of migrating from SAP Process Integration to SAP Process Orchestration and how to tackle the migration. The demo part will show you how to use the Integration Directory Migration Tool to automate the generation of configuration objects to the new environment.

Advanced Adapter Engine Architecture Recommendations


In this video, you will learn about the various deployment options and use cases for a distributed integration landscape with SAP Process Orchestration. And you will see, how version interoperability between hub and adapter engine gives you the flexibility to leverage new deployments, for example in hybrid scenarios.

Advanced Integration Monitoring in Focused Run


In this video, you will learn about the monitoring and reporting use cases supported by Advanced Integration Monitoring in Focus Run. The demo part will familiarize you with SAP Process Orchestration Monitoring, Message Tracking and Message Alerting. And you will learn which other on-premise categories and cloud services you can manage.

SAP Application Interface Framework and SAP Process Orchestration


In this video, you will learn how SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Application Interface Framework complement each other in a Business-to-Business integration scenario. The demo part will demonstrate both the technical integration monitoring in SAP Process Orchestration and the business-related monitoring in SAP Application Interface Framework.

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