Project Piper - From InnerSource to Open Source


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Join us on December 6th at 3:00 pm CET/ 2:00 pm UTC/ 9:00 am EST for a webinar with Thorsten Duda, Product Owner at the Continuous Integration and Delivery Service and contributor to Project Piper at SAP, about project “Piper”, a Continuous Integration and Delivery open source project.

Thorsten will explain how SAP is leveraging its inhouse development tooling to support customers and partners with developing fast and high quality for cloud. Project "Piper" started as an InnerSource project, powering most SAP-internal (non-ABAP) CI/CD pipelines and was open sourced in 2017.

The SAP Open Source Program Office is looking forward to taking you on the journey of project “Piper” from an internal reuse practice to opening the project on GitHub increasing adoption steadily.


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