Unlocking new business value for the Retail industry


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The Indian Retailer is no stranger to change, however, the post-lockdown scenario is bound to be the greatest disruption the retail industry will face in recent memory. With essential and luxury retailers facing diametrically opposed challenges - agility, speed, innovation, and decisive actions are what will help Retail businesses respond to global shifts in consumer behaviors and demand.


The question is, how can you achieve all this, stay close, and connected to your customer and not just survive but thrive in the new normal? Watch the SAP Virtual Industries Summit that will bring together thought leaders and technology experts from industry bodies, strategy consulting firms, and our customer community – to discuss and decipher the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


Register Now for the Retail track which will feature three broad pillars of content:

  • Industry trends & insights on the future of consumption in the post COVID timeline
  • Real-world view of challenges and response strategies from industry leaders
  • Industry specific technology solutions for immediate response, recovery and transformation
Featured Speakers and Panelists


Kumar Rajagopalan


Retail Association of India


Achim Schneider

Global Head for Retail


Madhav Nishtala

Industry Business Architect


Kunal Mehta

General Manager

Raymond Limited



Shailesh Solkar

Head-Merchandising and Supply Chain

Trent Ltd



Alok Dharadhar

Chief- Retail & Head Analytics & Business Processes