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Engage. Learn. Network.

That is SAP Academic Community Conferences.


Co-hosted by SAP and the academic boards, we are offering a platform to meet and discover new SAP topics. Learn in a safe and open environment, exchange with SAP management and experts of the academic world.

Join us at the #SAPACC to hear about the latest innovations in teaching, including high impact practices for integrating SAP into the classroom, incorporate the latest technology developments into curriculum & blended learning resources for successful classroom use.


Upcoming Events






March 10, 2023



SAP ACC Benelux


May 12, 2023


More information will be provided shortly.


SAP ACC Central Asia


May 2023


More information will be provided shortly.    


SAP ACC Sub-Saharan Africa


June, 2023





July 10-14, 2023



SAP ACC North America


July 19-20, 2023


More information will be provided shortly.




September 11-12, 2023


More information will be provided shortly.


Academic Boards


The Academic Board acts as a trusted advisor for continuous improvement of the SAP University Alliances program for SAP-related teaching, research, and education.



Your Feedback Matters!

Tell us how we do, how we can improve and which topics you would be interested in for future trainings. 



What happened so far?


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SAP Next-Gen
Learn. Research. Innovate.



SAP Next-Gen is a global community for students, universities, schools and educational partners, who are passionate about innovation and technology. Our community leverages more than 2,800 educational institutions in over 100 countries. Our goals are to:​

Stimulate learning around digital technologies, twenty-first century skills and business applications ​

Enable research together with universities and organizations in the SAP ecosystem tackling industry use cases ​

Inspire to innovate with SAP to create a meaningful impact on the world

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