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GRC & Cybersecurity Webinar Series
Disruptive Times Call for Leadership

Nothing triggers change faster than necessity.  GRC leaders are changing how they manage controls, audits and risk and approach cybersecurity.  By thinking and acting differently, they’re changing the trajectory of their organizations - achieving unprecedented levels of insight, value and monetization. Now it’s your turn.


Join our on-demand webinars showing how to transform your GRC organizations. Through a combination of customer examples, expert presentations and best practice tutorials, we explain how your peers are unlocking new levels of performance and assurance – and how you can too.


Why should I attend?

Learn from customers, get advice from  Risk, Controls, Compliance, Internal Audit and Cybersecurity professionals, and discover insights on best practices from leading industry experts.

See how best-in-class organizations automate resource-intensive tasks and embed risk and control monitoring using 21st century techniques, including the latest evolution of the Three Lines Model.

Go beyond reporting, and actively support day-to-day tasks for access governance, data privacy, cybersecurity, business controls, policy management, fraud and anomaly detection, and global trade compliance.


Webinar Series at a Glance: GRC and Cybersecurity

On demand

Global turbulence has heightened the need to manage risks well - not only to protect the business, but also to create value. Traditional, disparate GRC and cybersecurity initiatives are fragmented and often managed with ad-hoc activities by different departments working within limited remits. This approach is resource-intensive, error-prone and expensive - and lacks the critical visibility for decision making and risk-adjust management.
This webinar shows how to reliably achieve your business objectives by embedding and automating resource-intensive tasks and integrating risk and control management into your business platform.

On demand

In the second webinar, we look at the best practice approach for the ‘Three Lines Model’, which as many of you know has been recently updated by the Institute of Internal Auditors. We show you the importance of identifying and acting on business opportunities, as well as the need to ensure you can take the appropriate defensive action.
Learn how to implement the updated Three Lines Model and benefit from best practice for better alignment and accountability across the organization.


On demand

Hear SAP customer, Delivery Hero, share insights and experiences of running their business using the Three Lines Model and embedding SAP GRC solutions directly into their S/4HANA digital platform. Delivery Hero is a European multinational online food-delivery service operating in more than 40 countries. Having just floated on Germany’s DAX Index in August 2020, the company faces greater internal and external governance requirements along with shareholder expectations.
In this webinar, you’ll learn how they have been addressing these expectations and requirements with the “Three Lines Model” and SAP GRC software.



On demand

Optimizing digital identities across hybrid enterprises can be expensive, complex and time consuming. But it doesn’t need to be that way. SAP identity and access solutions not only solve the complexities around hybrid environments, but also reduce costs, and improve security with identity manage-ment and automated provisioning and access risk monitoring.
In this webinar, we show you how customers are using advanced IAM capabilities to protect their organizations at the business application layer in real time and in hybrid environments.



29 April

Ensure your custom developed applications and services are coded with security at the business application layer. We show you how to tackle cyberattacks within real time and leverage the vast repository of known attack patterns to prevent data breaches and enhance cyber defence.
In this webinar, we show you how to secure business applications and critical business processes against cyberattacks and data breaches, and gain cloud data sovereignty, transparency and control over data in public cloud, on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.






Michael Heckner
Senior Director, GRC Center of Excellence

GRC and Cybersecurity Webinar Series
11, 18 and 25 March

Vincent Doux
SAP COE for GRC, Cybersecurity and Data Protection


GRC and Cybersecurity Webinar Series
11, 18 and 25 March

Elizabeth Sandwith
Chief Professional Practices Adviser
Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors


GRC and Cybersecurity Webinar Series
18 March

Dongfang Hao
Global Senior Manager Governance (Risk & Controls) - GRC
Delivery Hero


GRC and Cybersecurity Webinar Series
25 March

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