Deliver Live Processes Through Intelligent Process Automation


Learn how SAP Cloud Platform technologies support your process integration and automation projects and which technology is best suited for which process requirements.

Process Integration


Improve system automation by integrating applications, data and systems including SaaS solutions and disparate legacy systems.

Drive System Automation with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite


SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, our integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution, specifically addresses cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud application integration needs. It enables frictionless integration across applications (A2A) and businesses (B2B), with public authorities (B2G), IoT devices and 3rd party solutions.


In this webcast you will learn the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite supports you to increase business agility across the value chain with connected processes, applications, data, and things. And you will learn how to extend business processes across hybrid environments for greater efficiency.


Date of recording: Monday, September 16 2019

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite
Process Automation


Different process requirements require different automation technologies – or the combination thereof. BPM and RPA are two complementary “Intelligent Process Automation” technologies enabling Live Processes.

Leading Intelligent Automation with Business Process Management


Intelligent Automation is the goal for many organizations that want to take advantage of technology innovations in automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Learn how SAP Cloud Platform Intelligent BPM provides the vision and framework to achieve Intelligent Automation.  Combining a set of foundation technologies for modelling and orchestrating structured end-to-end processes, with a standardized Inbox to request manual interventions and integrating innovative capabilities like conversational AI and Intelligent Robotic Process Automation, our Intelligent BPM vision brings together capabilities to drive the next generation of business processes.


Date of recording: Wednesday, September 18 2019

SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility
Foster task automation with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation


Intelligent BPM and Intelligent RPA are not competing automation technologies. They address different automation requirements – process orchestration and task automation. Both of these methods should be done for the benefit of end to end process health. Combined, they provide a powerful process automation platform that help companies digitize their business and achieve process excellence.


Learn how to think about automation in a SAP context and how SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation helps you to automate high-volume, standardized and repetitive human tasks.


Date: Thursday, September 19 2019

SAP Cloud Platform Process Visibility
Learn More About SAP’s Intelligent Process Automation Solutions

By providing the tools to analyze, integrate, automate and monitor business processes, SAP enables its customers to redefine and adapt their processes to meet the requirements of digitalization, evolving business models, new regulatory and compliance requirements, and the proliferation of B2B and B2G integration.