Guides for Customer COEs
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Here we are offering documents such as whitepapers and guides that help Customer Centers of Expertise (Customer COEs) and CIOs with daily and strategic challenges they are facing in today's digital economy, guiding their path towards the Intelligent Enterprise.

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SAP's Strategy for Industry 4.0 Whitepaper

Governance and Organizations

  This section provides you with knowledge and information on organizational requirements and aspects, helping you shape your organization's structures towards a digital future. Discover how to identify and establish the right set-up for your enterprise in order to implement a new digital core or find out how SAP defined its guidelines with regards to new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

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Guides for Hybrid System Landscapes

As Hybrid System Landscapes become more of a reality for an increasing number of our customers, we at SAP have devised numerous guides in order to help your IT and entire organization with challenges such as maintenance and operations in a hybrid environment. Topics covered are Interface Management, Landscape Management or Process and Data Integration, amongst various others.

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Architecture and Technology Whitepapers

Our Architecture and Technology Whitepapers offer the latest information on topics of interest for CIOs such as current Road Maps of SAP Solutions, Technologies and Industries or recommendations on various IT-related topics like the usage of maintenance & support tools or  the deployment of a Fiori Landscape, guiding your journey to an agile, efficient and intelligent Enterprise.

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