IFG for SAP Security, Data Protection & Privacy


 SAP ensures security in business and technology.


International Focus Group for SAP Security, Data Protection & Privacy


The International Focus Group for Security, Data Protection & Privacy, in short the IFG for Security, has the following focus: It covers SAP’s security products as well as standard security features, capabilities, and recommendations. It includes information exchange on the proven on-premise products SAP Single Sign-On, SAP Identity Management and SAP Access Control, as well as the new cloud extensions in the area of identity and access governance, such as the SAP Cloud Identity service. In addition, it discusses how to detect and prevent cyber attacks with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, and how to improve the quality of custom code with SAP´s solution for code vulnerability analysis. These products are complemented by comprehensive capabilities for authorization, encryption, read access logging, and configuration options for detailed security policies. The members of this IFG are also members of several regional user groups or communities. 
The SAP representative and contact person is Kristian Lehment at SAP SE in Walldorf, Germany.


IFG Webinars for Security, Data Protection & Privacy
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