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SAP Business Network - Global Event

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September 14, 2021


SAP Business Network Event - September 14, 2021




Business Network

A Unified, Collaborative, Intelligent Business Network Absorbs Shock for Today's Supply Chains

Today's global economy presents significant challenges to business leaders. Learn how the network effect can help build resilience against global disruptions and maintain operational flexibility, while doing business in a sustainable manner.




How Procurement Leaders Can Plan for the Future


The pandemic changed procurement. Change will be a new constant: is your company setup to handle the unexpected? A chat with procurement leader to uncover how they are handling it within their walls. If there’s one lesson we have all learned recently, it is that visibility and agility are critical. You as procurement leaders are center stage for making that happen. 


Procurement across a heterogeneous multi-backend environment

Learn how SAP S/4HANA for Central Procurement allows you to efficiently manage procurement processes across multiple SAP and non-SAP systems. Create transparency centrally while allowing local execution, aggregate demand and leverage negotiated contracts across all backends & more.


Key Outcomes:

At the end of the session you will understand: - what is SAP S/4HANA for Central Procurement and which processes does it support - its "role" within the SAP Procurement strategy and vision - how to integrate into your existing landscape AND organizational setup - how to support a transition journey both on an IT as well as business level - selected functional highlights - key "intelligent" capabilities (AI/ML/Analytics).



Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning

Innovate with Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

Are you looking for a truly innovative solution to resolving common supply chain issues? Curious about demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) and how it might help your company have a more resilient supply chain? Join this session for an introduction to and open discussion of the principles, philosophy, and methodology of DDMRP, why it came to exist, and what value it brings to supply chain planning and execution.


Attendees will leave with a general understanding of the methodology and how it functions, and they should be able to visualize how this truly innovative approach can bring significant measurable benefits to their company’s supply chain.


PDF - SAP Business Network - DDMRP

PDF - SAP Business Network - How Procurement Leaders Can Plan for the Future

PDF - Procurement Across a Heterogeneous Multi-backend Environment

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