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Be a Value Catalyst
The path to success is your customers' value journey

Wednesday August 2, 2023 | 10:00 EDT | 16:00 CEST


The Customer Value Journey represents a evolution in SAP’s customer engagement model which impacts how we jointly deliver the right outcomes to customers. Don't miss the sixth episode of our SAP Partner Live series on August 2nd. Gain valuable insights into the Customer Value Journey framework and discover its role in transforming how you strategically manage your install base. Act as a value catalyst for your customers throughout their journey to grow revenues and win more business.


This SAP Partner Live episode will follow the same easy to consume and actionable format as others in the series. First, SAP experts will join us to explain the what, why and how during our live-streamed presentation. There will be opportunities to ask questions which will be addressed by our presenters or the team working behind the scenes. Following the live broadcast, we will provide links to the resources you need to capitalize on the Customer Value Journey. All you need to do right now, is complete the quick registration form to secure your virtual seat.



Your host, Grifyn McErlean, will asks our SAP experts the most pressing questions on the topic of Customer Value Journey – to help you better understand the framework and most importantly the critical role partners play and the opportunity that awaits.

Karl Fahrbach
Chief Partner Officer
Aneesha Shenoy
Global Head of Revenue Operations, Customer Success
Hans Georg Uebe
Global Head, Ecosystem Delivery Success
Bruce Hillier
VP, Ecosystem Delivery Success
Grifyn McErlean
Your Host

Speakers are subject to change without notice. 

10:00 Welcome
Grifyn McErlean welcomes you to the sixth episode in the SAP Partner Live series, explains what you should expect, and provides a brief outline of the agenda and speakers.
10:03 What is the Customer Value Journey?
Aneesha Shenoy explains what the Customer Value Journey is, the various phases and what will be different with this go-to-market model.
10:12 Why Did We Change Our Customer Success GTM Strategy?
Grifyn will ask Hans Georg Uebe to unpack the reasons behind the change in strategy and how customers and business transformation, jointly with our partners, are at the center of what we do.
10:17 What Does the Customer Value Journey Mean for SAP Partners?
The discussion continues with our presenters on how the new framework will change the direct and indirect business for partners, as well as the programs and initiatives that are designed to fuel your success.
10:27 Quick Summary
10:30 Live Q&A
Stick around as our presenters answer the best and most frequent questions collected through the chat live and in person.
10:40  Close

All times are approximate, and EDT. Content and speakers are subject to change without notice.

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