SAP Cloud Platform Community Days 2020

August 11-13 | FAQ

General Questions
How does the registration process work?
You register centrally with us using this registration page. You will receive a registration thank you mail and then a registration approved mail. Before the event you will also receive a reminder mail with some further instructions and the links to the sessions. Note: You have to register for each Live Customer Session individually.
In which language is the event?
The sessions are only available in English, but you have the opportunity to use the subtitle function within Youtube for on-demand content.
How to turn on subtitles on Youtube
You can turn on subtitles by clicking on the subtitle icon or the CC icon in the lower right corner of a YouTube video. A red line appears below the icon when subtitles are turned on. You can change the language by clicking the gear icon. Select Subtitle and choose one of the automatically translated languages.


How can I add the event to my calendar?
Click below to add the whole event as an appointment to your calendar.
SAP Cloud Platform Community Days 2020
SAP Cloud Platform Community Days 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

As many of us have been experiencing the challenges of physical distancing, we wanted to make sure you don't feel alone and bring together colleagues from around the world with our SAP Cloud Platform Community Days Virtual Event!


Join us for both live and on demand sessions August 11-13 and learn from SAP Product Experts, Partners and Customers who will share their experience and best practices from their SAP Cloud Platform projects!


If you want to learn more about SAP Cloud Platform and can’t wait for the event, find out information here…


SAP Cloud Platform Website - Find getting started guides and other helpful resources to guide your journey.


SCP Community - Follow and join the conversation with other users today to improve your SAP Cloud Platform skills and reputation!


Business Technology Platform Virtual House - Find upcoming events related to SAP Cloud Platform product capabilities and updates, and learn best practices.





Your SAP Cloud Platform Customer Engagement Team

(UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Live Session Questions
What platform will be used for the Live Sessions?
The live sessions will be hosted via Zoom Webinar, which has a maximum capacity of 1000 participants. Since the sessions are not designed for interactive use, all cameras are turned off and the microphones are muted by default. Participants have the opportunity to ask questions via Q&A. Please ensure that you enter your full name when you join the Zoom session.
How does the registration for the Live Customer Sessions work?/ How can I access the Zoom webinar?
You have to register for each Live Customer Session individually. You can find the links here.
Once you have registered, you will receive a thank you email with the attached calendar blocker. Please download the appointment and add it to your calendar. You can only access the session via the Zoom Webinar link that is included in the calendar blocker.

On Demand Session Questions
How can I access the on-demand content?
The on-demand content will be available in the SCP community on the event day. SAP experts will publish their session in a blog post. The videos will be available on YouTube and linked to the individual blog posts. You have the following options for accessing the content.
-We will link the sessions in our agenda page directly to the SCP community and the corresponding blog post
- We will present a daily agenda with suggested on-demand content, where you can select and view what you want in any order
How is the Q&A working?
1) Each session will have a respective blog, containing two user tags: one for the event (“scp-community-days-v1”) and one for the specific session
2) To post a question please use this link and provide the session ID tag and     the event tag. This helps our moderators to keep track and respond to your questions
3) When you are creating the question please add the primary tag „SAP Cloud Platform“, user tag “scp-community-days-v1” for the event and the user tag for the respective session as seen in the blog


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