Gaia-X, Catena-X, International Data Spaces – Three Initiatives, One Goal


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Join us on June 28th at 3:00 pm CEST/1:00 pm UTC/9:00 am EDT for a webinar with Nemrude Verzano, head of Industry 4.0 and Digital Supply Chain Innovation at SAP, about the open-source initiatives in Catena-X, GAIA-X, and International Data Spaces (IDS) that represent some of the cooperation efforts between Fraunhofer institutes and key players in the automotive industry. 

Being one of the stakeholders in the Catena-X project, Nemrude will explain the common goals of this community-driven lighthouse project. Catena-X implements the data sovereignty principles of GAIA-X, but also addresses many data-driven challenges of a supply or rather a value chain. The approaches are applicable in any industry.


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