Help employees return to the office in a COVID-19 environment

Learn how to bring employees back to the office with the COVID-19 response feature Workspace Booking for SAP Cloud for Real Estate.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been challenged to perform the largest, global work-from-home exercise to date. As you begin to reopen your offices in a COVID-19 environment and gradually let employees return, you need to communicate guidelines that help your employees stay safe and productive.


SAP helps companies bring employees back to the office with Workspace Booking for SAP Cloud for Real Estate. This new app enables workspace administrators to define thresholds for space occupancy, run basic analytics and make data-driven decisions based on utilization. Employees can book a workspace upfront within their preferred location to adhere to capacity restrictions.


In this webinar, you will get insight into how SAP tackled the challenges that came with and after the COVID-19 lockdown for the office environment and employees. You will dive into Workspace Booking with a demo of how the app works and how to easily set it up. Finally, our experts will answer all questions you might have regarding the app, its implementation and how to onboard employees.


You will learn how to:


- Apply and communicate guidelines for your office re-opening phase
- Help employees organize and plan their office attendances
- Analyze booking behavior and improve business processes



August 25, 2020



17:00 CET - 18:00 CET