SAP & The Quorum Principle

SAP Industry 4.Now – Aligning and redefining the strategic manufacturing goals of a Consumer Products manufacturer with “The SAP Quorum Principle” initiative.

CPG manufacturing needs to drive significant business performance improvement moving forward. Manufacturers are inundated with points of view and opinions from their suppliers on how to achieve this objective and SAP is struggling to stand out from all the ‘noise’ in the market. The Quorum Principle brings SAP back to the table for strategic C-Level discussion in manufacturing. This POV has been developed and tested over the past 12 months and is highly effective at placing SAP as a CP manufacturers’ trusted advisor at CXO level. Incredible results achieved with manufacturers. This session will also explain the contribution each function within SAP has played such as Marketing, COE. IVA, Services, BTS etc.



Learn about “The SAP Quorum Principle” initiative



November 03, 2021


09:00 CET - 10:00 CET