Intelligent Trade Claims Management

Trade promotion claims processing is costly, time-consuming and error prone. SAP helps CP companies automate this essential process using machine learning to match inbound rebate claims with promotion agreements.


Trade promotions are an essential part of the sales process for consumer product goods companies. Promotions are used to uplift sales volume, increase revenue and profitability and to work co-operatively with retail partners. Once a promotion has executed, the CP company receives a rebate claim for the promotion from the retail partner. eProcessing trade claims has historically been a manual, labour intensive task requiring claims analysts to research each claim, the find promotional agreements and check compliance with terms, to resolve disputes and collaborate with the key account managers, sales teams and retail partners. SAP has created an innovative solution with SAP Intelligent Trade Claims Management that helps CPG companies use automation to reduce the manual effort involved. Using AI & machine learning to match received claims with promotional agreements and support the process with a single source of truth and central point for claim collaboration and approval. This reduces the cost to process each claim, accelerates the process to help reduce the days deductions outstanding and improves balance sheet flexibility, cash-flow efficiency and reduces claim write-offs.


Learn in this session the challenges, the process and how SAP Intelligent Trade Claims Management adds intelligent automation to help CP companies improve their trade claims processing efficiency.


Learning Objectives:

Learn about Intelligent Trade Claims Management


December 08, 2021


11:00 EST - 12:00 EST

17:00 CET- 18:00 CET