Sustainability for Consumer & Retail featuring SAP.iO Startups (SAP's Startup Accelerator)

Are you interested in next-generation startups? SAP.iO (SAP's startup accelerator) is the perfect solution for SAP customers looking for innovation. SAP.iO New York's latest accelerator program features 7 startups hand picked by SAP executives, partners and customers. These startups are driving sustainability for consumer & retail industries across areas such as reusable packaging and responsible supply chain & production.

Understand how some of SAP.iO's startups can enable you to triple your bottom line (increase revenues, reduce costs, do good for the environment):

• Algramo is reducing plastic waste and encourages consumers to buy more affordably and changes consumption habits (

• calculates and neutralizes carbon emissions with off-sets against certified ecommerce purchases (

• Everledger leverages blockchain and IoT to get supply chain transparency on quality, sustainability and compliance (

• EVRYTHNG runs product clouds to give e2e product transparency from creation to post sales ( 

• Inspectorio solves product quality compliance issues with digitization, automation, transparency and traceability (

• Limeloop transforms your shipping by making packages sustainable while increasing customer retention (

• Specright helps brands, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers manage data and collaborate to bring products to market (


Learning Objectives:

Learn how seven most exciting SAP.iO sustainability innovations have scored great traction with some of the biggest names in the CP Industry.


March 24, 2022


11:00 EDT - 12:00 EDT