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Recording November

Design Thinking: Gamechanger for Education



Level: Beginners
Language: English

Do you want to foster a learning environment where creativity, innovation, and a “we-culture” play a central role?  Then start using Design Thinking! In this session, you'll get valuable insights into the methodology of Design Thinking (DT) by Prof. Ulrich Weinberg - the founding director of the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso – Plattner - Institut. You'll also learn how to integrate DT in education and get your first hands-on experience as a “Design Thinker”.


Additional Material: 

online Whiteboard with results of the session


Recording October

Rock in Teaching Artificial Intelligence with IT2School



Level: Beginners
Language: English

Learning your way around artificial intelligence with board games, roleplays and experiments? In this workshop, we’ll show you that teaching artificial intelligence does not require any background information and can also be combined with lots of fun. Namely, with the new IT2School modules, that have been created in a joint effort of Wissensfabrik, University of Oldenburg, Free University of Berlin and the SAP Young Thinkers and will be launched soon.




Recording September

Making Sense of Sensors



Level: Beginners
Language: English

In this Trainer's Thursday session, we'll use MicroBlocks to explore the sensors built into the micro:bit, Calliope mini, or Circuit Playground Express. MicroBlocks makes it easy to discover the range of values a sensor reports and how quickly it responds. We'll learn how to graph and record sensor data, and how to use sensors to create playful, interactive art and music projects.


Additional material: 

Get started on the MicroBlocks Page

and watch this Five Minute Intro Video

Continue e.g. with these learning cards: 


Battery Tester



Data Logging


Recording July

Physical Snap!ing



Level: Beginners
Language: English


In this Trainer's Thursday session, Jadga Hügle and Jens Mönig are shedding some light on how to use Snap! in physics lessons (or CS lessons with a physics focus). Watch the recording if you are interested how to model the laws of optics, acoustics, mechanics, and more using Snap!. 


Additional material:

Find the shown projects in this Snap! Collection.


Find more input to integrate Snap! in school classes in the emu-online materials (German)


Find  a  „Often Asked Questions“ - YouTube Playlist


Recording June

Dive into Deeper Learning – Discover a New Learning Culture


Level: Beginners
Language: English


During this session, we'll explore the phenomenon of Deeper Learning. We'll explain the pedagogical approach by presenting various case studies, which will be linked to the underlying theoretical concepts. You can expect exciting teaching designs, thoughts on how the grammar of schooling may change, experiences from school practice and teacher training, as well as new findings from teaching/learning research. We'll also take time to discuss questions and share ideas about Deeper Learning. Inquiry mindset on & watch the session!


Additional material:

Find more information on the website of the

Deeper Learning Initiative (German)

Additional Videos: 

Deeper Learning Dynamik 

Co-Construction in practice

Student Voices



Recording May

From ERP to the Learning Factory



Level: Beginners
Language: German


SAP4School IUS is a didactic program that allows students to learn SAP ERP as an integrated business software in a practical way. When used together with Festo's learning environment in factory automation, the processes do not end virtually, but turn into real production orders in a model factory or factory simulation. Join the session to learn a possibility of giving students insights into real-world applications of SAP software!


Additional material:

Find more information on the websites from 

Festo Didactics and

SAP4School IUS


Recording April

Ideas for teaching YOUR first Snap!-Workshop


Level: Beginners
Language: English


In this session, you'll get to know a selection of Snap! projects suitable for teaching your first Snap! beginner workshop. Experienced SAP Young Thinkers Trainers share their insights with you. You hear about typical learners feedback, reactions, obstacles, and point of views.   


Additional material:

Find the slidedecks and useful links here:

Gaming with Snap! - Workshop Concepts

Best Pracitces for Hosting Virtual Classes

Playlist „Often Asked Questions“
Snap!-Project Collection


Recording March

What is EduGaming?


Level: Beginners
Language: German


Especially during the current situation gaming is a looming topic for the young generation. Since there are endless possibilities for gaming,  this attention can be used as a boost for education. We want to introduce you to the world of EduGaming and show you how to set up your own educational games.


Additional material:

Find the slidedeck with useful links here: 
Slides EduGaming


Recording February

Introduction into MicroBlocks


Level: MicroBlocks Beginners
Language: English


MicroBlocks is a new live and visual programming language for microcontrollers that we have been developing for the last 3 years and has recently entered beta. We'll explore how the language works while building a whole bunch of example projects that explore several topics, including music, IoT, graphics, physics, and game creation.


Additional material:

Find first projects and a quickstart here: 
MicroBlocks Learn

For any upcoming questions have a look at the 
MicroBlocks Wiki


Recording January

What sets Snap! apart?


Level: Snap! Advanced
Language: English


Snap! is a visual programming language-environment inspired by Scratch that's both welcoming for beginners and suited for a serious introduction to computer science. We'll look into what sets Snap! apart from Scratch, exploring a bunch of advanced computer science concepts in an engaging and visual manner.


Additional material: 

Start coding in Snap! here: 
Run Snap!



Introduction into Snap!


Level: Beginner
Language: English


Get some first insights into Coding with Snap! and create your first little program.


Run Snap! here

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