Knowledge Transfer for SAP User Groups - Artificial Intelligence

SAP Business AI

Discover how to unleash the power of Generative AI and harness the benefits for your business by leveraging built-in AI capabilities in SAP applications that have been developed using industry-specific data and deep process knowledge. The three guiding principles - relevant, reliant, and responsible - build a trustful foundation for SAP Business AI.

SAP Business AI Approach


SAP Business AI is aimed to make business applications more intelligent, infusing AI technologies into our applications, including Joule, the copilot that truly understands your business. Furthermore, we provide business process-specific AI services that customers can adapt to their own workflow, e.g., business document processing, data attribute recommendation, machine translation, and many more. Data is essential for the success of business AI. SAP has access to business data covering finance, supply chain, human resources and travel. In order to make business AI successful, we continue to build the best technology and leverage the best tools on the market, which includes strategic partnerships with best in class providers in the industry. The value of AI for business increases exponentially when combined with industry-specific data and deep process knowledge, and this is exactly what SAP does.

Learning Sessions for SAP User Groups on SAP Business AI
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