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Defense Interest Group (DEIG)


The Defense Interest Group (DEIG) is institutionalized by SAP as a voluntary group of SAP product users from defense organizations. The DEIG operates as both an Executive Steering Committee, and as a technical Users Group. 

Defense Interest Group (DEIG)


The overall purpose of the DEIG is to:

·         Collect, discuss and present common defense specific requirements to SAP in order to bring solutions into the SAP standard package, either as an enhancement to the core or as a part of an industry solution.

·         Provide SAP a forum for analyzing, responding and disseminating information and solutions to meet DEIG requirements; and

·         Share knowledge and establish co-operative activities among organizations with common interests.

The DEIG handles all matters of interest for the defense community. Non-defense specific topics are handled in other SAP user groups and, are, therefore, generally not considered by the DEIG.

The DEIG operates at a staff level as a technical and functional Users Group under the operating structures and rules the SAP Users Group oversight and coordinating group.

The DEIG is currently comprised of 17 Member Nations and NATO. Any National Defense organizations and state-owned defense-related organizations, which have implemented SAP, or are considering implementing SAP, may request approval to join the DEIG as a Member by first submitting a formal letter to SAP Global VP of Defense and Security, for further review by the DEIG Chair (see below). Requests will be considered on a case by case basis and will be addressed at the next semi-annual meeting of the DEIG Steering Committee.

Individuals wishing to gain access to the DEIG website must send a request (via the E-mail link below).


Resource Site: DEIG Workzone


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