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You can discover detailed information on the SAP Support page.

The Customer Centers of Expertise (Customer COEs) are key for the SAP Support, acting as collaboration hubs across IT and Lines of Business in their companies. Their mission is to provide transparency and efficiency of implementation, innovation, operation, and quality of business processes and systems related to the SAP software solutions and services.

Experience the SAP Road Map Explorer tool to find road maps for your products, industry, or processes and configure your unique SAP road map.

More details are available in the updated eBook.


Guide: Customer COE and CIO

Guide: License and Process Guide

eBook: SAP Road Map Explorer

2022 Learning Sessions for SAP User Groups on Support
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ASUG & SAP Application Lifecycle Management Virtual Summit – North America from 01.02-03.02.2022
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Virtual Customer Center of Expertise Event - October 5th to 7th, 2021


Lifetime Journey for Continuous Success 

Strengthen your Foundation and Infuse your DNA with the Latest Innovations!

The Customer Center of Expertise (Customer COE) model consists of five core functions (Customer COE Getting Started) which represent the foundation to efficiently and effectively operate, orchestrate and run your ERP infrastructure. As a Customer COE, it is important to have a continuous dialog with the lines of business of your company. It is essential to drive communications and governance for all SAP related topics and establish, manage and nurture relationships with internal and external stakeholders. These activities allow Customer COEs to act as a collaboration hub between Business and IT within their companies to best run both business and IT processes. The role of a Customer COE requires you to continuously stay up-to-date and drive innovation adoption.


For that reason we have prepared for you a three-day virtual event to strengthen your foundation and help you define your innovation roadmap:  

  • Day 1: Strengthen your Customer COE Foundation and IT Infrastructure
  • Day 2: Define your Innovation Roadmap
  • Day 3: Path Towards the Intelligent Enterprise with the SAP Business Technology Platform


DevOps Essentials with SAP 2020 & 2021

Based on the successful DevOps essentials webinar series offered last year, gain complementary insights that shall allow you to make the next steps. Pick and choose those topics where you want to dig deeper, get latest updates, experience relevant features in action with compelling demoes, and learn about additional important aspects along your DevOps journey!

2020-2021 DevOps Essentials Webcasts
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2021 Support - Cross Topics Webcasts
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